What defines a great brand? - A story! A story that’s bewitching. A story that’s awe-inspiring and a story that’s devilishly spellbinding.


Is it the craftsmanship behind your handmade goods? The stories of courage from the benefactors of your non-profit, or the scrumptious cakes the world just has to know about?

From creative brief to the final film, we'll help you outwit & outmaneuver the competition as we showcase your raison d’etre in a most sensational demonstration of the extraordinary!

Whatever your budget, we'll get to know you, roll up our sleeves and get a thorough understanding of your brand, your customer, your product, or service before getting to work on a campaign that lures your brand and customer into a most extravagant and sensuous dance.


A campaign defined by grace, style, and drama. With just a touch of noir. 

Adversity can feel so distant, so disconnected. Many of us pay little attention until it arrives at our door, and when it does, we realise that all we have is each other. I believe in capitalism, yet capitalism has failed millions of us around the world, so I’m on a mission to do things differently.


Here’s how it works. I started this foodbank with one big goal, change the definition of what capitalism can be, by using 51% of our profits to provide a safety net of food, cash, clothing, and more for those unlucky enough to have slipped through the cracks, I hope to provide the kind of welfare assistance to those in need the government refuses to provide for us.

It all begins with your thoughts, wishes, and dreams. And ends with a gorgeous commercial for the brand you’ve put so much work into building or the stunning video that showcases your latest event, my love for storytelling means my team and I will channel everything we have into creating a dazzling bouquet of beauty, art, and soul.


We will even let you Pay by Donation, any amount you like so long as it’s fair and reasonable, but not to worry if you are not sure what to offer, we can offer you a recommend donation if you prefer.


Click here to find out how my Pay by Donation model works and why I use it for social good.


Get in touch with me and the team by sending us an email to foodbank@wittenhearst.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours so we can get a fuller understanding of your vision before we begin to bring it to life.

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