I'm taking on the B Corps!

Pulling capitalism kicking and screaming into a social movement that puts people before profit, I founded the world’s first socially democratic company. I've created a revolutionary way to do business in a world of rising inequality, whilst single handily reinventing social entrepreneurship by taking man's insatiable need for capitalism and flipping the system on its head to bring social welfare to new heights with a model that’s not just wholly different from B-corps, but vastly superior.

Applying socialist principles to capitalist problems I am taking the welfare state to the private sector by redistributing 51% of profits made to provide vital assistance to those going through times of crisis.

In response to increasing social inequality in the west, I designed my business model around the concept of the welfare state, that in general ensures everyone has the means to live a life free of undue hardship and strife, aiming to not just complement existing government services but to exceed them, ensuring anyone touched by my company doesn’t have to go without school clothes, food, working appliances, medical care and all the other necessities needed in life.

The case for a new model

Acting like quasi-governmental organizations tasked with improving welfare in a world where the pursuit of profit at all cost have led to an impasse where great swaths of society are unable to reach their full potential. I am of the opinion the social democratic model can far more effectively do what b-corps can ever accomplish by bringing capitalism and socialism together in ways never thought possible.

Because when capitalism is dying, income disparities are growing, social mobility & the environment is suffering then I strongly believe if your fellow countryman or woman is doing badly, then we are all doing badly!