Here's How I made Pay What You Want work for my business!

I clammed up the first few times a client would ask “how much shall I pay?” I had just switched to a PWYW model and was finding it difficult saying no to extremely low offers or suggesting a price to a client who was not sure what to offer.

The result – a loss on each & every job. It was at this moment I realized I had to go back to the drawing board if I wanted to stay in business. Here is what I did.

As a social democratic business, we exist to redistribute 51% of profits made towards fight food and social inequality – and it was highlighting this point to new clients that really helped break down barriers, knowing that commercial or new brand logo would also help in reducing poverty brought in a lot of clients who believed in our mission.

The next was not asking “Pay What You Want” but rather “Name us a Fair Price” the labour value that goes into a commercial vs a logo is clearly different and most people realize that and, in my experience, will offer a sensible price that reflex's the scope of the work, with smaller companies and individuals generally offering less then large orgs – which is fair.

Of course, some offers are, let’s just say don’t represent a fair value for the project, in this instant work with your customer to find a clear middle ground, because to my surprise even though no one likes talking about money, my customers have been pretty open about how much they want to spend and the expectations their hoping for.

But if there is one thing being able to name your own price has taught me, it’s that pay what you want pricing can most definitely be implemented in a sustainable fashion so long as very clear expectations are set out and agreed upon from the start!