I started Wittenhearst with the idea we could use capitalism for the social good. The concept is one of kind, the cause is magnificent, we are a small but growing company without any glitzy media coverage, a Welfare Enterprise that’s putting society over profit trying to be our very best and we couldn’t do it without you! 


Continuing with my theme of doing things differently in the name of social justice, I have taken the payment method known as Pay What You Want, shaken things up and curated my very own pricing strategy for the services we offer, one I call Pay by Donation.


An experiment in human kindness we have thrown to the wind traditional pricing and moved towards impact led pricing with just one cravat, you can donate any amount they like so long as it’s fair and reasonable, and when all is said and done, you will receive your very own impact report on whom you helped and how.


If a price is offered that is uneconomical for us to accept based on the amount of work involved needed in bringing your project to life, we will offer you a donation amount, that we hope works for both of us.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your brand, your customer, your product or service and we’ve agreed on a price, we will send you via Email an invoice payable for full payment or a portion if we have agreed to multiple invoices to be issued at key milestones.

Once payment is complete we will roll up our sleeves, before getting to work on a project that lures your brand and customer into a most extravagant and sensuous dance.


A project defined by grace, style, and drama. With just a touch of the noir.

We are a foodbank like no other, a for-profit company & not a charity we use 51% of our profits to provide food, appliances, clothes, and more to people in need, to provide that all-important respite from the daily stresses of poverty.

If you have any questions about a project or about us please send us an email to Foodbank@wittenhearst.com