Our Design Contract

Creating magical moments is what we strive for, and we love nothing more than knowing we had a hand in creating that book cover for the novel you have longed to write, that logo for your new venture, or the written content that opens eyes wide.

But before we roll up our sleeves and hit the ground running and to fully meet your expectations, we will first send you our design contract and brief, which fully goes over all the six key elements needed to bring your vision to life.

Element 1.png

All great ideas begin with a great design brief. But do not worry if you are struggling to formulate precisely what you want, that is what we are here for :)

We need to know what the product is. For example, a brochure, poster, video advertisement for a beauty product, or new brand logo.


We need to know your aims: What is the purpose of the product? For example, to advertise an event, launch a campaign or product.

What is the call to action? For example, to encourage people to sign up to take part in a fundraising event or to raise awareness of the number of young people who are homeless in the UK.

Who is the target audience?   

•             Who is this product aimed at?

•             What are you asking your audience to think, feel and do?

•             Include audience profiles

•             What change do you want to see as a result? (Awareness raising, inform, drive behavior)

For example, our flexi spot board is aimed at bricklayers, who have prior understanding and knowledge of construction and bricklaying processes. They are interested in efficiency and the environment. They are digitally savvy and prefer to consume news and content online, rather than in print. We want to connect this audience group and demonstrate the advantages of our product over the competition.

What is the product's shelf life? For example, the poster will be used in the three-month run-up to the fundraising event taking place on 5 June 2021.


•             Where will the product appear?

•             How will you promote it?

For example, our Flexi board video will be shared on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, with 35 key partners agreeing to retweet and share. In addition to our YouTube channel and a targeted marketing campaign with trade magazines and sites.


Key performance indicators.

How will you measure and evaluate the success of the product?

For example, our Flexi board video will be critical in highlighting the benefits over other boards in meetings with investors and retail buyers.

Artwork and Video Advertising specifications

Format, for example, A5 brochure. Or 60-second ad spot.

Brand guidelines where relevant. Include a link to your organisation's brand guidelines including colour palette, font styles, and size if you have them.

Images. For example, do you have any inspirational images, videos, or competing products you would like us to see?

Specific design requirements. For example, the charity's telephone number and email address are included on the footer of all odd pages.

Links to relevant work to consider.

•             Are there design elements you want to replicate?

•             Are there things you really want to include/do not want to include in the artwork?

For example, we like this design photograph or video and would like to replicate this style, but we want a more of a traditional feel.

Written content. For example, we will provide the copy for the brochure, based on an appropriate word count for 16 A5 pages. Or if this is a video shoot, do you need a script written for you, complete with voiceover?

content 2.png

Element number two.


Key milestones

We need to know the deadline for your project to be completed. For example, print-ready PDF to be sent to you by 5 pm on Friday 8 July 2021 so you can forward it to your chosen printing company.

Element Number Three - Payment details – Pay by Donation.

It is up to you what you want to offer us, for example, my budget for this project is around £/$xxx but please bear in mind we cannot accept a customer quote that makes it uneconomical to take on the job, if you would rather us recommend you a donation to pay, we would be more than happy to.

Once we have agreed on a price, we will require 50% of the amount upfront with the other 50% due before we release the final works, once you have given us the thumbs up to the watermarked images or videos we sent for your approval.

content 4.png

Element number four – Scope Creep

All design is a collaboration, so it is unlikely a design or video will be perfect the very first time, a little edit here, and a different font there. So, we always allow for three revisions to get your project to one that matches your vision and after that point, if you require more changes then we will charge hourly.

Element number five – Copyright Ownership

After full payment is completed, we transfer full copyright ownership to you or your organization, we do however ask if we could use and designs, photos, or videos in our portfolio.

Element Six – Termination Clause

Life happens. Maybe you wanted a full brand kit for the restaurant you planned to open but funding fell through. If you need to cancel a project after the first payment, and within 4 days of the delivery deadline we will require 90% of the total project cost, if you need to cancel 5 days before the delivery deadline then you will be required to pay no more than the 50% you already paid.