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Behind every great brand, product or innovation is a story. A story of passion, dedication & a relentless drive for perfection. A story of hope and perseverance that deserves to be brought to life in the most splendid fashion!

From solopreneur to seasoned business owners, from the moment you commission Wittenhearst to develop a marketing strategy, we will collaborate and support you as we craft a thorough marketing plan that represents the purest expression of your hopes and ideals or we can work diligently with you as we implement your own media strategy.

Whether you need help writing and researching social media posts, responding to comments, or a full marketing and branding plan complete with unparalleled copy and an exquisite video designed to take your Kickstarter to the next level, there’s virtually no limit to the marketing puzzles my passionate team can piece together.

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Offering a full suite of services, we can help you with the following and more:

Content creation

Product development

Marketing strategy

Market research and competitor analysis 



Press releases 

Email marketing 

Brand positioning 

Every business we serve is unique. But one thing remains constant, our passion and commitment to push the limits of what is possible over and over again, as we partner with you to push and scale your business further and higher than ever before.

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Adversity can feel so distant, so disconnected. Many of us pay little attention until it arrives at our door, and when it does, we realise that all we have is each other. I believe in capitalism, yet capitalism has failed millions of us around the world, so I’m on a mission to do things differently.


Here’s how it works. I started this foodbank with one big goal, change the definition of what capitalism can be, by using 51% of our profits to provide a safety net of food, cash, clothing, and more for those unlucky enough to have slipped through the cracks, I hope to provide the kind of welfare assistance to those in need the government refuses to provide for us.

If you have the vision and the power to bring it to life, my expert team and I will work side by side in close cooperation with you or your organization as we unleash its full potential. 


We will even let you Pay by Donation, any amount you like so long as it’s fair and reasonable, but not to worry if you are not sure what to offer, we can offer you a recommend donation if you prefer.


Click here to find out how my Pay by Donation model works and why I use it for social good.


Get in touch with me and the team by sending us an email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours so we can get a fuller understanding of your vision before we begin to bring it to life.

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