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Allow your readers to be forever anticipating more as we present the written word in its most extraordinary form!


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Adversity can feel so distant, so disconnected. Many of us pay it little attention until it arrives at our door, and when it does, we realize that all we have is each other. 


I started this foodbank with the intention of changing the definition of what capitalism can be, I redistribute 51% of our profits away so I can provide food, clothes, hygiene products and so much more to people in need.


Because our business model relies upon human generosity, so long as it’s fair, we’ll let you Pay by Donation for your creative writing so we can continue making food and social inequality a thing of the past.


Because when you are free to name your own price you become so much more than a consumer, you become a partner in my mission to provide a respite from the daily stress of social inequality.


Click here to find out how my Pay by Donation model works and why I use it for social good.

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