The world doesn't just need hero's - it needs someone like you to bring them to life!

Image by Zakaria Zayane


From creative writing that gets pulses racing, photography that can craft an aura of spectacular aesthetics to graphic design that evokes the extraordinary.

Wittenhearst is a creative agency were the ultimate thoughts of our customers is manifested into the most mesmerizing and remarkable works of art, pieces of art that speaks extravagance defined by elegance, flair and drama.

All our clients have to do -  is imagine it!


Ditching capitalism for something better

A revolutionary way to do business in a world of rising inequality, we are pulling capitalism kicking and screaming into a social movement that puts people before profit.

In response to increasing social inequality in the west, we designed the business around the concept of the welfare state, that in general ensures everyone has the means to live a life free of undue hardship and strife, aiming to not just complement existing government services but to exceed them, ensuring anyone touched by our company doesn’t have to go without essentials.

We do this by directing 51% of our profits towards the fight against food and social inequality, enabling us to provide clothes, food, working appliances, medical care and all the other necessities needed in modern life.

Behind every successful project is someone like you

We are on the lookout for the most amazing freelance artisans who can turn magic into reality! Building upon our reputation as a purveyor of endless creativity, by partnering with us you can focus on what you do best. Create!



We are on the hunt for the most creative and fearless graphic designers who can turn every request in their specialty into reality. From Logos & Packaging to Stationery and Book Covers, we are looking for enthusiastic and professional freelance graphic designers who are also happy communicate and work directly with our clients


Graceful, Bold, Poetic and Innovative. Traits we admire the most in our photographers, we are on the hunt for competent photographers who like variety and a challenge. Our clients come to us from a range of industries such as real estate, food, retail and hospitality, all however cherish the quality and intensity of our work. If you have commitment and the skill to capture beautiful imagery that captures the project brief, we would so love to hear from you!


From concept to creation we bring dreams and inspirations to life. Real estate tour videos, fashion and brand launches to corporate films will offer the full spectrum. You’ll have tons of creative freedom within the scope the brief and be responsible for editing on smaller projects.

If you have the experience and knowledge of the video production world, and are also happy communicate and work directly with our clients we’d love to hear from you.


Our written content represents the peerless combination of authenticity underscored by a palpable sense of excitement. We are looking for stellar Content Writers who are confident with producing a range of content from product descriptions, researched industry specific copy to press releases engage and get pules racing.

If you have passion to bring the page to life (and we believe you do!) then please get in touch.


With the upmost refinement we take great pride in bringing great ideas to life. We are on the hunt for those with a solid understanding of multi-channel campaigns, content marketing, brand marketing, digital marketing, product and content strategy.

If you have the enthusiasm to take ownership of marketing campaigns from companies around the  world we definitely want to work with you!